Visual Enhancement Programme

Clear vision for you and your team.


Our Visual Enhancement Programme was launched against the backdrop of increasing use of technology in the workplace. As part of occupational safety, we cannot neglect the importance of the eyes in today's technological work world. For maximum productivity, people should be given the best care and visual care is a part of that.

Published data reports that individuals who use digital screens for 3 hours or more per day are at a great risk of developing Computer Vision Syndrome, which presents symptoms such as: eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, dry or irritated eyes and neck and backaches.

The Visual Enhancement Programme aims to correct and prevent such issues through our medical and organizational interventions.


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• Initial complimentary vision screenings of all employees.
• Complete eye examination for persons who fail the screening.
• Clear-anti glare/antireflective glasses starting at $85 USD.
• Visual education documents.

  • Package upgrades available for persons with skin sensitivities to eyewear materials and to their wider environment.
  • Package upgrades available for drivers who are affected by glare when driving.

PACKAGE 1 - Visual Screening for Organization
Features: Distance vision, near vision, glare screening, binocular vision testing.

From $1500.00 / Per person

PACKAGE 2 - Basic Package
Features: Complete eye exam + Clear antireflective lenses & occupational frames

FROM $85 USD / Per Person

PACKAGE 3 - Package Upgrade
Features: Polarized Lenses for Drivers or Special Frames for ultra-sensitive individuals.

Price Varies


All Major Insurance Cards Accepted.

For more details about the Visual Enhancement Programme and how to have it introduced in your organization please call Cavene James at (876) 416-8068.