Your best vision. Period.


Clearsight Ophthalmic Consultants is an expression of complete ophthalmic care.

Our Principals, Winston Ricketts and Cardice Riley-Ricketts saw an existing need to provide in-depth care to patients, with a focus on embracing the ever increasing role that technology plays. This is based on a foundation of excellent patient care.

The practice has evolved over time to offer care to patients through Dr. Riley-Ricketts, our primary optometrist, Mr. Ricketts, our consulting optician and an ophthalmologist.

When you come to Clearsight you're guaranteed a few things:

  • Our staff will be knowledgeable and friendly.
  • A pleasant environment.
  • You will have a thorough eye examination.
  • A large selection of frames will be available.
  • We'll be able to meet your specialty lens needs.

Every Visit to Clearsight Includes:

  • An interactive touchscreen patient interview.
  • Educational Materials and Presentations.
  • A vision screening.
  • A health screening (blood pressure and blood sugar)
  • An in-depth eye examination
  • An image of the back of the eye.*