Diabetic Eye Care

Our diabetic specialty was founded in 2016. Diabetes in Jamaica is a lifestyle epidemic, with 13% of the population being diagnosed with the disease. An unknown number may be living with it without having a diagnosis. It is also the 2nd leading cause of death in Jamaicans over 70.

Taking our cue from international best practices, where diabetes is best managed through a multidisciplinary approach, we have put together a team of professionals including our own principal optometrist Dr. Riley-Ricketts, an ophthalmologist, a medical doctor/lifestyle consultant and a nutritionist. The aim is to work along with patients' General Practitioners to provide the best available management for diabetes.

Pricing structure below.


Eye Exam

diabetic $4000 Standard $4000 Follow up $3200

Diabetic eye examinations are conducted by an ophthalmologist and include retinal tomography.


Standard eye examinations are conducted by an optometrist and examine the ocular function of the eye along with checking for any additional health conditions.

Fundal Imaging

with eye exam $1000 • without eye exam $1500

During this examination, a photograph is taken of the inside of the eye which can be used to not only track the health of the eye but identify certain health conditions. Recommended every two years.


Diabesity Assesment and Lifestyle Guidance


This includes a patient interview to determine the impact of the patient's lifestyle on their diabetes management and will include advice as how best to manage diabetes symptoms through diet and exercise. The aim with these consultations is to decrease dependency on medication.



to make an appointment or for more information:

Our diabetic clinics are run on alternating Wednesdays.

You can call us at (876) 962-9345 anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday or use the form below.